Saturday, May 31, 2008

Home from the Big Hike

Diverting a little from our unraveling story, I just wanted to welcome my Sweetie home.

He returned from a hike along the West Rim Trail of Pennsylvania's Pine Creek Gorge. This area is known as the 'Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania' and sports some great vistas. They also added a shorter trail to create a 50-mile/5-day hike.

On day 6 (yesterday), the group canoed down The Pine Creek and biked another 17 miles or so along the Pine Creek Rail Trail.

Today, we have lounged around, played with the quickly growing kittens, and plan to go out to dinner soon. I think we may actually go see a movie, Indiana Jones I believe.

It's almost like a date or something. Very nice. But don't worry, you'll be reading about my Metal Taco soon.


  1. stunning! so what did you think of the movie? i kinda giggled throughout it. it was good seeing harrison ford again but...the waterfall scenes as one example...come on now. lol