Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Syringe Question Answered

Playing along at home, eight MS bloggers submitted their answers to the Trivia Question posted last week. However, two of the commenters, Charles and Jm, forgot to actually leave an answer.

The educated guesses ranged from 6 weeks to 1 year to fill a 100oz hard-sided plastic, liquid laundry detergent container with used Copaxone syringes:

Shawna said 6 weeks (42 needles)

mdmhvonpa said 2 months (60 needles)

Jeri and Miss Chris both said 3 months (90 needles)

Diane more explicitly said 13 weeks (91 needles)

And insulin-dependent Aprilmoon said 1 year (360 needles)

In repeated experience, it has taken a full 9 months to fill a laundry bottle 'sharps container' with daily used syringes previously filled with Copaxone. I once tried to stretch it to 10 months but was unsuccessful in the attempt.

Without further ado - drumroll please

The winner of the Trivia Question and the 'Sensational, Sharp, Smart Blogger Award' is Aprilmoon who said it would take one year to fill the container with syringes. Although a 1-year estimate exceeds the actual experimental outcome, it comes closest to the correct answer. Perhaps the syringes used for insulin are a tiny bit smaller than the ones used with Copaxone.

Congratulations and please collect your Blogger Award.


  1. Sometimes, I don't mind being wrong. Case in point, this.

  2. thanks! And insulin syringes, 1cc, ones are about the same size as the ones used for the pre-filled ones. I only stretched out/projected my past experience for my guess (4 or 5 shots per day, 28oz container, took me about 4 months to fill), but I shook it almost everyday to sett;e the contents.

    Thanks too for the idea to use the old laundry bottles; this next Tide is a 200oz one -- that'll last me for forever!

  3. Counting my old syringes kinda scares me LOL

  4. DAMMIT! How'd I miss THIS contest?!? Sigh...I probably saw the TIDE container picture and got scared off thinking you were talking about doing laundry...which I HATE to do...LOL

    Linda D. in Seattle

  5. Linda--LOL, Gees, Lisa, I tripped up over the container size-DUH (shrinking brain and all)I use an ALL container...must be much smaller. DARN! I lose all these blog games! (shrinking brain and all)