Thursday, April 3, 2008

Brian Klepper hosts the Health Wonk Review

Hangin' with the Big Boys

This week's Health Wonk Review hosted by Brian Klepper presents an excellent array of health policy discussions bouncing around the blogosphere. Receiving more than 30 submissions, Brian separates the thoughtful posts from the mundane and gives us only the "best of the best."

Brian comments...
"But the nineteen remaining posts were, I thought, exceptional contributions from writers who continually plug away, asking themselves, “What really matters and how can I talk about it?” As ever, you’ll find a potpourri here of expert observation, analysis and commentary from every part of health care. It’ll take a little effort wading through it, but I promise you an illuminating and entertaining time."
Included in this potpourri is the topic of generic biologics discussed right here on my little ol' blog. Yay for the patient perspective.

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