Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Announcing the new 'Carnival of MS Bloggers' in 2008

Announcing a new watering hole for those with Multiple Sclerosis and those who write about Multiple Sclerosis --

Carnival of MS Bloggers

"A gathering of MS Bloggers sharing thoughts, opinions, news, and inspiration around the Blogosphere."

The Carnival will be hosted by Lisa Emrich at Brass and Ivory. If you are interested in hosting future Carnivals, please contact Lisa.

You may submit articles using the form at Blog Carnival or by email.

Please include the following:

  • Your blog's URL
  • Your post's URL
  • The post's permalink URL (if available)
  • A brief summary of the post
  • Category - Inspiration, Life, MS News, Multiple Sclerosis, Opinion
Submission Deadline - Noon on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month


  1. Hi Lisa,

    Thanks for the news and the invite! I just submitted one of my recent articles (this one) to the Carnival. I'm also going to put up a link to the Carnival itself in my "Blogs by other people with MS" section. Take care and thanks again!


  2. Thanks for the invite over at my livejournal! I have never heard of blog carnivals.

    I have a few posts that I could submit. Can we submit more than one? How does this work? ;-p

  3. Interest is slowly mounting.

    -X. Thank you for your submission. I'm sure others will find it a great read in next week's first edition.

    -Natalie. Please go ahead and submit 1-2 articles. As interest grows over time, multiple submissions per blog may require the host to make choices on which post to feature. :)

    -To all those who are timid and waiting to see how this works. Please participate! This endeavor will be all the more fun and rewarding.

    And if you know of an MSer out there who might like to participate, please extend my invitation.

    thanks, Lisa

  4. Lisa,

    You're welcome. I have a friend who has MS, blogs a lot over on LJ, and could probably contribute a fantastic little piece to the Carnival. I am going to direct him to your blog.


  5. Hi Lisa, thank you for the invitation. I would like to start by offering a link to my story. Because everyone with MS experiences it differently, it is important to me to share our stories, and I suspect others feel the same way.

  6. Hi Lisa, I submitted several articles. Thanks for the invite! Kim Fabrizio

  7. Thank you so much for the invite Lisa! I will work on posting more about MS in the future. I promise!

  8. Hi Lisa. Thanks for the invite. I would definitely like to contribute in your carnival. Just got to rustle up something that might be interesting to other MS-ers. See you there!

  9. Thanks for the invite, but I really don't think my posts are good enough. I am feeling overwhelmed by invites to join events (I am very new to the blog world) other posts I read seem more "fully cooked."