Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Fear of Change: A Relapsing MS Moment

There is nothing predictable or constant with multiple sclerosis. People living with the disease may have periods of time where not much seems to be going on. Other times, there may be relentless relapses that leave neurological debris in their wake. The high degree of adaptability required to mentally and physically handle these changes is tremendous.

Stability is a welcome blessing when it comes to living with MS or any other chronic disease. With stability comes some level of predictability. However, it doesn’t prevent the potential rollercoaster that changes, of any sort, may cause.

I’ve enjoyed a sense of stability for years now. In fact, I’ve only had one major relapse since December 2011 that occurred in February 2016. One reason for this streak of “luck” is a treatment that has proven to be effective for me. I’m what you would call a “responder” to the medication rituximab.

Recently I’ve encountered a threat to access of that same medication. Since I’ve been sick so many times during the past year, my doctor has ordered laboratory tests to check for levels of specific immune system components, called immunoglobulins. I don’t have the results yet; but based on concern for a potential immunodeficiency, my doctor has delayed my next round of infusions until we know more.

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