Friday, March 10, 2017

Don't Cross The Line: Accessible Parking and Common Courtesy

According to the ADA National Network, the minimum width of accessible spaces is 8 feet, while van-accessible spaces should be 11-feet-wide. Access aisles are 5-feet-wide and can be shared between two spaces to provide extra room for the deployment of vehicle-mounted wheelchair lifts or the unloading of wheelchairs, walkers, or other mobility devices. An alternate design allows a van-accessible space to be 8-feet-wide IF the adjacent access aisle is also 8-feet-wide.

Do NOT park on the hatch marks

Karen, a friend of mine who uses a motorized wheelchair, drives an accessible van. With a push on her key fob, the side door of her van opens, and a metal ramp unfolds. To maneuver in and out of her van, she needs the extra “hatch space” to use the ramp. Too often she will carefully park within the boundaries of a van-accessible parking space to later return and find that someone else has carelessly parked in the access aisle.

When this happens Karen has limited actions. She can go into the nearest business and try to find the driver of the offending vehicle and ask him/her to kindly move their car. She can call the police to help her move her van to an area with enough room that she can safely access the ramp. Or, if she is not alone, she can rely upon a friend to move her van. That’s what happened when we recently met for dinner at a local restaurant. Someone had parked over the hatch marks, which prevented her from being able to maneuver onto her ramp to get in her van. It was very frustrating, but I’m glad that we were nearby to help.

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