Friday, January 27, 2017

How To Be Your Best Advocate

Build a coordinated health care team

MS is a disease that can directly or indirectly affect almost any area of the body connected through the central nervous system. Your basic health care team will include your primary care physician, specialty doctors (including your neurologist), an MS-certified nurse, and a physical therapist, as well as your caregivers, partner, and/or loved ones.

You should expect members of your health care team to communicate with each other and share relevant information with each other to provide you with the best comprehensive care. This will reduce the chance of conflicting plans of care or over- or under-utilization of resources. During consultations, it’s important that your providers are open to multi-sided discussions where you are encouraged to express personal preferences and they present informed clinical options.

Neurologists and MS nurses who attend annual medical conferences focused on multiple sclerosis, such as CMSC or ECTRIMS, are more likely to be up to date on recent knowledge related to MS. Don’t hesitate to ask your providers how they remain informed as to the latest research and treatment guidelines. By working together you can establish a treatment path guided by clear goals.

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How To Be Your Own Best Advocate

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