Thursday, December 22, 2016

Reasons You Might Need Another MRI Scan

Before I was officially diagnosed, I had undergone several of these tests multiple times. For example, I had six MRI scans between the first time my vision “seemed off” in 1994, the time I was temporarily blind in 2000, and when I lost the use of my left hand and arm in 2005. Since my diagnosis I’ve had eight additional MRI scans, each including one to three areas of the central nervous system: brain, cervical spine, or thoracic spine.

Only a few times have I questioned, “Do I really need another MRI right now?”

Top three reasons you might need another MRI

Confirm diagnosis. To diagnose MS, there must be objective evidence that damage to myelin — the fatty substance that covers and protects nerve cells — occurred in two different locations of the central nervous system at two different points in time. The use of gadolinium— a contrast agent injected into a vein during an MRI scan — can help the radiologist distinguish between new “active” lesions and old lesions.

If both active and non-active lesions are seen on scans conducted during a single session, then MS diagnostic criteria may be met. However, it is more likely that repeat MRI scans will be needed to demonstrate that multiple (many) scleroses (scars) have occurred at different points in time and confirm a diagnosis of MS.

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