Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Ultra Low-Fat Vegan Diet Doesn't Slow Down MS

People who are newly diagnosed with MS are often interested in learning as much as possible about what they can do NOW to fight the disease. In addition to learning about MS and discussing disease-modifying therapy (DMT) with your neurologist, I frequently recommend that people focus on staying as healthy as possible through nutrition and exercise.

In addition to fighting MS with medication, patients may turn to diet, exercise, and alternative medicine to push back on the disease. Several studies have connected exercise to positive patient outcomes including reduced fatigue and improved cognitive function. But research exploring the effects of diet and nutrition on MS is less clear cut. A pioneer on the subject, Roy Swank, M.D., published several papers prior to 1991 discussing the benefits of a low-fat diet in MS patients before DMT were available. Modern day MS diet proponents may also observe subjective benefits of diet for MS patients, but research is difficult and expensive to conduct.

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Low-fat Vegan Diet May Reduce Fatigue But Doesn’t Slow Down MS

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