Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Managing MS During and After Pregnancy

Disease activity during pregnancy

For some women with MS, pregnancy brings about fewer MS symptoms. This may be due to the body’s immune system being more tolerant of the growing human being inside. Clinical and MRI disease activity related to MS are suppressed, particularly during the third trimester. This connection has led to research using hormones such as estriol to treat MS. So far the studies have been small, showing modest benefit.

Disease-modifying therapy during pregnancy

Women with MS are encouraged to stop disease-modifying therapy (DMT) once they become pregnant, if they had not already stopped DMT use when trying to get pregnant. Women with MS who become pregnant while on a DMT should consider participating in a formal pregnancy registry such as the one sponsored by or those hosted by pharmaceutical companies. Several small studies have reported outcomes related to the use of DMTs during pregnancy, particularly during the first trimester, but information is still limited. Data suggest that glatiramer acetate or interferon beta are safe to use. However, each person with MS needs to make personal decisions regarding DMT use and pregnancy in collaboration with her doctor.

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Modern MS Management During and After Pregnancy

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