Friday, January 22, 2016

Celebrity Actress Reveals MS

When former Soprano’s star, Jamie-Lynn Sigler, publicly revealed her 15-year MS diagnosis in this week’s People Magazine and on Good Morning America, the news spread through the MS community like wildfire. Reactions were quite positive but many people wondered why it took so long for her to openly discuss living with MS.

Jamie-Lynn is one of 2.3 million people worldwide who live with multiple sclerosis, a progressive disease of the central nervous system that damages the insulation around nerves and results in a variety of symptoms. Some symptoms may be “invisible” such as numbness, tingling, impaired vision or pain, while others may be more noticeable, such as impaired mobility, weakness, tremors, or cognitive difficulties.

At the age of 20, Jamie-Lynn experienced heaviness and tingling in her legs, symptoms that led to her MS diagnosis. "It was a shock. I didn't feel sick. My ideas of MS were limited. I thought it meant, 'Wheelchair.' I thought it meant your life was over," she told People Magazine. As a public figure with invisible symptoms, there was no obvious reason to reveal her diagnosis so Jamie-Lynn kept it a secret with the full support of her family and close friends.

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“No superhero roles for me,” says Actress Jamie-Lynn Sigler Who Lives With MS

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