Monday, August 24, 2015

Drug Assistance Programs You Should Know

Managing a chronic disease, such as rheumatoid arthritis, can be made more difficult if you are unable to afford your medications or health insurance premiums.

Copay assistance programs help patients who cannot afford to pay for prescribed medications despite insurance coverage. Frequently, drug manufacturers are able to provide financial help directly which should be your first resource to explore. To access manufacturer-sponsored programs, visit the brand website for the RA drug which you have been prescribed.

For patients who do not quality for manufacturer programs (perhaps due to insurance coverage through government programs such as Medicare), the following non-profit organizations offer additional help paying for medications. Some of these programs even offer financial help with insurance premiums and transportation costs to obtain treatment.

In general, to participate in these programs, the patient must have valid medical insurance that covers the prescribed medication, which in turn must be included on the program formulary; and the patient must meet annual household income criteria established by each program. One program included below offers help with generic medications regardless of insurance coverage.

Good Days from CDF

  • Good Days, formerly known as the Chronic Disease Fund, provides direct financial assistance to RA patients prescribed one of the following biologic drugs: Cimzia, Humira, or Remicade. To participate with Good Days, patients must remain fully compliant with their medication.
  • Good Days offers a Premium Assistance Program that helps patients find, and pay for, appropriate health insurance coverage.
  • The Good Days Travel Concierge Program offers transportation services for pre-approved medical appointments to obtain treatment. If needed, the program may also arrange and cover lodging. Additional travel expenses, such as parking, fuel and meals, are covered.

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