Thursday, July 23, 2015

29 Things About My Life With MS

What’s it like for YOU to live with MS?

One of the most important principles behind MS storytelling is sharing. Through that sharing, we work to increase awareness and understanding, which helps to decrease stigma.
Memes are popular around the internet, so I thought that I’d like to adapt one for our MS community. I invite you to participate by sharing your own answers. If you’d like to share your own answers to these questions here, you can copy / paste my responses and replace the answers with your own responses.
Here are the questions and my answers:
  1. My current diagnosis is: relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis.
  2. I was diagnosed in: 2005.
  3. My symptoms include: numbness, spasticity, visual disturbances, heat sensitivity, anxiety, fatigue, weakness.
  4. My comorbid conditions include: rheumatoid arthritis, hypothyroidism, and depression.
  5. I take: a number of medications for comorbidities, including a monoclonal antibody therapy prescribed for RA.
  6. My first MS attack was: blinding optic neuritis in 2000.
  7. My strangest MS symptom has been: the feeling that cotton fuzz is on my face, especially around my left eye, when I’m beginning to feel rundown.
  8. My biggest MS symptom/relapse triggers are: heat! The heat and humidity of summer totally wrecks my ability to function normally.
  9. I know an MS attack is coming on when: a myriad of symptoms seem to whisper, “hi, I’m back; remember me?” and won’t go away.
  10. The most frustrating thing about having MS is: not being able to do as much, physically and musically, as I used to.
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29 Things About My Life with MS

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