Thursday, May 28, 2015

How to Handle a Bad Day when Chronically Ill

My mom was having a bad day when we were on vacation. It is how we handled that day which helped us both to have a good day on the following day.

What did we do, or not do, that made a difference?
  • We didn’t try to “snap out of it” or push through the tiredness and overall sick feeling. We honored the icky feelings and changed our expectations of the day accordingly.
  • We didn’t get upset because I had just bought an uneaten lunch (which did get finished eventually.)
  • We made sure that my mother had what she wanted and needed within reach to make her feel more comfortable.
  • We didn’t say, “woe is me,” or made a big deal out of the bad day. Instead, my mom allowed her body what it needed—another five hours of sleep, air conditioning, comfort—and I gave her time and space to do so.
By being patient and kind, my mother says that I was able to help her slow down the roller coaster and bring it to a gentle stop. I went out shopping alone and prepared a simple meal for supper that evening. With the extra rest, she and I both were in better shape to continue with our planned vacation activities on Tuesday.

When you care for someone who is having a bad day, know that it’s okay. Give them space, emotionally and physically, to have that bad day. Be flexible, patient, and kind. Honoring the bad days will allow the good days to blossom.

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  1. lovely reminder that being flexible may be our best tool to getting through each day.