Wednesday, March 11, 2015

How Are You Sharing MS Awareness?

I joined more than 300 MS Activists on Capitol Hill on March 11, 2015 to lobby Congress to support increased support and funding for MS research. We also asked members of Congress to cosponsor and pass the Complex Rehabilitation Technology bill and the Neuro Data bill which is currently included in the House’s 21st Century Cures bill.

The Accelerated Cure Project for MS (ACP) is supporting MS Awareness by encouraging MS Empowerment. The iConquerMS™ research initiative empowers people with MS to participate in a new research model.

“We are witnessing the self-empowerment of those living with a particular disease to confer together,” says Robert McBurney, Ph.D., President and CEO of ACP, “to share their data singly and in the aggregate as they wish, to raise their voices collectively for a new research model in which they are truly valued, and to express their interests and concerns in partnership with the research community.”

As someone living with MS, you know the disease better than anyone — and your ideas about what researchers should explore are very valuable. As a registered member of, you can advance MS research by sharing health data and suggestions for future research topics.

I invite you to join a growing community of people with MS who are excited to be among empowered patients who will guide the future of MS research. Start by logging into your account at and go to the “Connect with Research” menu to suggest a topic for research!

Let’s continue to focus on MS Awareness and MS Empowerment during March and year round.

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MS Awareness Month: Sharing MS Online and On Capitol Hill

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