Monday, February 2, 2015

MS Relapses are Unpredictable and Unique

Multiple sclerosis is unpredictable.

Have you even wondered how long a relapse or flare up of MS symptoms would last? I have. When you are in the middle of a relapse, you want it to be over with as soon as possible (similar to how I feel about the possibility of an extended winter). But if you ask your doctor, or your friends, how much longer will I experience these symptoms, you will likely receive as many conflicting answers as were given by the various weather prognosticating groundhogs around the country this morning.

Multiple sclerosis is unique to each individual.

With each relapse I’ve experienced over the years, I have learned a bit more about how my body reacts to this disease. Each relapse has been different, while there may have been some similarities. Sometimes, the new or increased symptoms have continued for months despite steroid treatments (such as when I first had optic neuritis and was temporarily blind for almost three months). On other occasions, symptoms of a relapse were so mild that I was well into the event before realizing it and skipped steroid treatment at all because things were already getting better.

How long does an MS relapse last?

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