Monday, December 22, 2014

Life with Chronic Illness is Unpredictable and Often Disorganized

When I first opened our bags after we arrived, everything was neatly folded and rolled up into perfect flat squares and uniform cylinders. It was easy to know exactly where everything was located as I was the one who packed our bags. But as soon as we began to pull out individual items to choose between the limited selection of clothing we brought, organization and uniformity dissolved.

Living with multiple sclerosis, or any other unpredictable chronic disease, can feel as though the neat pieces of life quickly become disorganized and disheveled. Symptoms can unexpectedly emerge and demand your attention. A relapse may threaten to derail your activities and send you looking for alternative solutions to situations which arise. Your neat life becomes a temporary mess.

On day four of our holiday adventure, the suitcase on the bedroom floor has become a mixture of folded organization and rifled through belongings. But for the most part, we can still find what we want although it may not be where we thought it had been. We haven’t yet reached the point where we’re asking each other, “Honey, have you seen [insert description of desired item]? I can’t find it. It was right here yesterday, I thought.”

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