Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Better Living with MS: Manage the Clutter

Recently I read an article in the International Journal of MS Care that hit home, “Clutter Management for Individuals with Multiple Sclerosis” by Jennifer Tamar Kalina from the MS Care Center of the New York University Langone Medical Center, New York. In the article, Ms. Kalina discusses the clutter management group program which has been offered at their MS Center for over 8 years. She describes in detail how incorporating clutter management interventions into MS care programs can enhance the quality of life and functional independence of people living with the disease.

Clutter has a profound impact on individuals living with chronic diseases such as MS, with detrimental effects on physical, financial, social, emotional, and cognitive functioning. Many common MS symptoms, such as decreased mobility, visual or cognitive impairment, fatigue, and depression, may contribute to clutter accumulation as well. Clutter removal interventions may increase patients’ participation in vocational and leisure activities, social pursuits, and other meaningful occupations.

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Clutter Management for MS Patients

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  1. You were reading my mind! Clutter leads to Distraction, reminders of things I will not do, don't want to do anymore, can't do or can't wear! This leads to perseverative grief over wasted money, what to do with it all. To quote Muddy Waters, "You got to move a long train." Cognition challenged! Best wishes for the Season of light! meg