Sunday, February 16, 2014

Subtle Signs of an MS Relapse

While symptoms of a relapse may be dramatic, they can also be more subtle. Numbness, tingling, or other altered sensations are very common MS symptoms which you might notice much of the time. However, numbness that begins to spread or becomes more intense over the course of a day or two may indicate an impending relapse. Loss of sensation can be more than annoying, it can become dangerous. Call the doctor when you notice new or worsening numbness that doesn’t go away.

Foot drop is a common symptom of MS that involves weak ankle muscles which make it hard to flex the foot. Foot drop may cause you to trip as the toes of the foot drag or get caught on surfaces as you walk. People with MS who experience foot drop may develop an exaggerated gait to avoid tripping. Working with a physical therapist who may prescribe a specially designed ankle brace can be helpful. If you develop a new case of foot drop, call your doctor.

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  1. Thanks for the post. This actually describes what happened to me recently. I have been doing fine until the last couple of weeks. I had noticed some numbness, but mostly tingling in my hands. Didn't last all of the time. Just coming and going. I had also noticed my left ankle trying to turn over on me. I also had some fatigue in the afternoons. I wound up falling this past week due to my ankle finally giving out on me. Never know when the MS monster is going to rear its ugly head.