Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tending to Your Emotional Health

Winter has been cold this year!!  Brrrrr……  “Stay warm” seems to have become the universal salutation around here.  Staying warm is not something which we normally have to worry about inside the house; however, a few weeks ago we had an emergency at home which took out our heating system with one big crash in the basement. 

We live in an old house with an ancient hot water radiator system.  It’s a low maintenance system that does a pretty good job keeping the house warm even with our drafty windows.  There’s not much we have to do besides bleed the radiators occasionally to release pockets of air that collect at the top of each radiator.  If enough air builds up, heated water cannot freely flow through the pipes and the radiator’s heating may be sub-optimum.

The big crash came from the overflow water tank, which was hanging from the ceiling in the basement above the boiler, tumbling down and taking out some of the pipes in the process.  Water proceeded to drain from the radiator system and flood the basement.  By the time the boiler/heater repairman arrived, temperatures in the house were slowly dropping on a late Friday evening.  It was about to get really cold inside the house.

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