Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Vitamin D Deficiency and Depression in MS

Higher levels of depression and fatigue are not significantly correlated with vitamin D deficiency in Iran, says a new study.

Researchers from the Department of Neurology at Isfahan University investigated whether lower levels of vitamin D were associated with depression or fatigue in MS patients in Iran.  In 200 MS patients [154 female (77%) and 46 (23%) male], the relationship, if any, between FSS scale (measuring fatigue), BDI-PC score (measuring depression), EDSS (measuring disability) and low Vitamin D status were determined (Ashtari, 2013).

The prevalence of low vitamin D status was 48.5% (97/200).  Researchers found that low vitamin D status was associated with depressive symptoms in MS patients. However, results did not reach statistical significance.  There was also no significant correlation between vitamin D status and fatigue symptoms.

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Is Vitamin D Deficiency Associated with Fatigue and Depression in Iranian MS Patients?

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