Thursday, July 11, 2013

Fighting Heat Sensitivity on Vacation

Summer time is in full swing here on the East Coast.  We’ve had temperatures in the 80’s and the grass is growing like weeds.  Actually we do have some weeds where there shouldn’t be since we’ve been getting tons of rain during the past month.  Definitely not drought weather here.

But with heat and rain (and humidity) come annoying MS symptoms and potential pseudoexacerbations.  If you are heat-sensitive (like me), then a trip to the beach may be a challenge.  I’ve been very fortunate lately and my MS has been fairly quiet.  But in gathering supplies for the trip, I’m being confronted with the reality of what it may take to have a good time.

On the top of my list is a battery operated fan which I picked up on clearance at a department store years ago for less than $2.  Actually I bought two.  Best summer money spent ever.  They even came in handy when we lost power last year during to storms and thus lost air-conditioning for a few days.

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