Sunday, June 23, 2013

Muscle Spasms and MS

For a few days back in June, I had a collection of muscles around my hip and at the top of my thigh which have been causing a great deal of pain and a lopsided limp.  At first, I thought that maybe pushing a REALLY heavy grocery cart, even for only a fraction of the time around the grocery store on Wednesday, may have caused an avalanche of spasticity.

Then, my leg and hip were so painful that I finally filled a prescription my nurse practitioner had given me in April (for diazepam) to combat painful muscle spasms.  I’ve tried it and so far, it has made little difference.  But each day has gotten a bit better as long as I limit how much I stand and walk around the house.  Today the spasms seem to be almost gone.

This episode of muscle spasms and pain has been rather annoying but nothing which required a trip to the doctor.  (Although if it had continued to get worse, I would have been seriously considering it.)  I had a little talk with my muscles and we tried to come to some sort of agreement.  I will try to remember to do things within my strength and ability without straining large muscle groups, and my muscles will attempt to remain non-spastic.  That seems fair enough to me.

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