Thursday, May 23, 2013

Depression and Anxiety in RA Patients

Results from a 2012 study support growing evidence of high rates of symptoms of anxiety amongst people diagnosed with RA.  However, risk factors for anxiety, unlike for depression, have not been systematically examined in relation to RA.  Authors caution that lack of consistent cut-off points in different measurement scales of anxiety and depression make prevalence estimates and meta-analytic studies challenging (Covic, 2012).

Anxiety is also common in MS and I have experienced more anxious feelings as my disease has changed and progressed.  It manifests primarily as irritability and impatience with others.  My neurologist prescribed a medication to use as needed when generalized anxiety arises which has been a blessing.

What is interesting is that my rheumatologist has not asked me about anxiety or depression.  I recently received a copy of my medical records and notice that my rheumy has made note of my mood and demeanor.  For one visit she listed “cheerful” and another “mood appropriate.”  We have never discussed my depression or anxiety. 

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Depression and Anxiety More Common When Living with RA

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