Thursday, March 28, 2013

Carnival of MS Bloggers #137

Welcome to the Carnival of MS Bloggers, a bi-weekly compendium of thoughts and experiences shared by those living with multiple sclerosis.

I had the pleasure of talking with Kate Milliken recently about her current and upcoming projects.  I am particularly excited about her development of the Moodifier™which is an online storytelling tool that guides patients and caregivers to share their stories via their emotional ups and downs using text, photos or video.  What emerges are personal details of a user’s own journey through illness in a searchable format and a view of the user’s entire emotional experience in one glance.

In 2006, Kate Milliken was diagnosed with RRMS.  Drawing on her experience as a video producer, Kate created a series of short documentaries detailing her emotional journey through the first years of chronic illness. The website where she posted her videos,, received over 50,000 visitors, many of whom reached out personally to Kate to share their own stories. Through her experience, Kate has realized the power of emotional honesty is huge in creating strong connections and she has now launched an Indiegogo campaign to build a tool that will help others connect not only by their shared illness experience but by how they are feeling.  The link is here:

Kate is hoping to reach herambitious 75k fundraising goal and the only way she'll do it is if she can get exposure outside her own sphere.  Additionally, and specifically among this audience, she wants the many peeps online with MS (and also people who support others with MS) to see what she is doing, get introduced to the concept and potentially at some point, offer to share their stories on her site.

This concludes the 137th edition of the Carnival.  The next Carnival of MS Bloggers will be hosted here on April 4, 2013. Please remember to submit a post (via email) from your blog of which you are particularly proud, or which you simply want to share, by noon on Tuesday, April 2, 2013.

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