Sunday, January 22, 2012

Forgotten MS?

What can make you forget about MS, at least for a short bit?  Planning a wedding, of course!

Although we got engaged in October, Rob and I didn’t rush to make definite plans for the wedding.  First things first, we needed to choose a date.  Well, actually, we needed to decide upon a time of year.  I wanted to avoid the heat and humidity of summer and this spring was just too soon.  Only one family member lives in my area, so I wanted to pick a time when my immediate family could attend.  So those were the first priorities.  Just before Christmas, we set that date for October of this year.

Deciding that it would be nice to get married at Rob’s mother’s church, I called the office after Christmas to see if they had our date available.  They did.  Around this same time I had been researching online for possible reception locations.  Amazing to see just how much hotels and country clubs in our area charge for buffet or dinner receptions, especially with that extra, taxable “22% service charge”.  Almost criminal.  But I did find a place that is reasonably priced and offers several advantages (although without a jaw-dropping view).  I inquired as to its availability and learned that they had time on our chosen day (but only in the afternoon, not the evening).

So far this was all preliminary research. 

Then, last Thursday during a hair appointment, my hair dresser (whose son happens to have been diagnosed with MS while in high school) mentioned a bridal shop that was only blocks from my home.  Seriously?!  A bridal shop that I had no idea about?  Well, sure enough it was there in a nondescript brown brick building with offices for lawyers advertised boldly on the signage in front.  It is the building next to the gas station where I gas up all the time.  With no store windows showing gowns of any sort, I still would have never known about this store.

On a whim, my mom and I stopped by just to see what kind of shop this was.  I had no intention of trying anything on but just wanted to get an idea if it would be worth it to come back.  I had looked at one bridal magazine and watched a few “Say Yes to the Dress” episodes, but other than that I hadn’t even decided what kind of dress I wanted.  I also kinda believed that I would not be able to try on any “sample dresses” simply because of my size (being at least 2-3 sizes larger than a sample).  I was surprised to see how trying on dresses really works.  In under an hour, I had tried on a handful of dresses and picked THE ONE.  It was the third dress I tried on.  I even picked a veil that compliments the dress perfectly.  (I won’t give any more details about the dress than that because Rob doesn’t want to be given any clues and he reads this blog.)

On the same day while heading home from running some errands, I stopped that the potential reception location.  Someone was in the office and I took a tour.  I liked the feel of the place and thought that Rob might as well.  Bonus….the beverage package offered at this location is unbelievable compared to so many other places which charge $20-30 per person for an open bar for four hours.  Our cost for the same will be closer to $4.75/person.  Crazy, huh?  Since Rob wanted to see the place, I didn’t put down a deposit immediately.  I met Rob there on Saturday to check it out, but still no deposit just yet. 

On Sunday, my mom and I went to a Bridal Show in Washington, DC.  Wow, that was exhausting.  When we were leaving I noticed that my legs were still working pretty well.  I just gotta say that my body must REALLY like having its immune system tweaked and altered.  The recent Rituxan infusion was making a difference.

On Monday, I traveled back to the reception location and signed a reservation contract and provided a deposit.  We have a place to eat after the wedding.  On Tuesday, we were planning to go up to the church to do that same with contract/deposit but that didn’t work out.  So on Wednesday, we each brought our respective mothers to the church to get a good look (my mother had never seen this church) and to get on the church calendar officially. 

Besides noticing how my legs held out at the bridal show, I hadn’t been focusing on MS-related things lately.  I haven’t been writing much at all.  I haven’t been reading the blogs as thoroughly as I usually do.  I have been pre-occupied.

But here is where MS and wedding plans meet up face-to-face.  The location in the church - the parlor - which is set aside for the bride to get read is on the lower floor of the building which is on a hill.  The sanctuary is on the upper (ground) floor.  There is a stairway which must be negotiated to go from one place to the other.  No elevator in this building unfortunately.  I asked if there would be a place I could sit for a moment after coming upstairs if I need to.  That seemed to be an odd question judging by the look of confusion on the office manager’s face.  Then Rob offered up that, “Lisa has MS.”  I will be given a place to rest for a moment if need be.

So there you have it.  In the span of six days, I….
ordered a dress and veil
booked a reception location which includes catering, bar, and DJ
booked the church which includes the officiant and organist (if they each are available)
attended a bridal show and found a photographer I like but who is booked already
found a cake baker/decorator I think we have a good chance of picking for the cake

Not bad for one week, wouldn’t you say?

Today there is another bridal show in a different location.  That same cake baker is supposed to be there and I plan to talk to her.  I also want to gather more information on a potential photographer.  I have a lead on florist already (and need to call to arrange a meeting), but maybe today I’ll learn more about the flower business in our area.  Wish me luck.

Eventually I’ll get back to blogging more regularly.  I learned this week that according to Technorati, this isn’t a blog.  They have pulled me from their listings after I tried to update just a bit of information related to the blog.  So who knew?  This isn’t a blog.  Go figure.

Hope everybody is having a good January so far.  Stay warm and safe.  If you've read this far, let me ask.  What makes you forget about MS?


  1. So happy for you that you can enjoy wedding planning and forget about MS for a while! It is the little things right! Lately I can't seem to forget about MS but that is b/c I'm in the middle of fundraising and walk team recruiting so it is all good!

  2. I was diagnosed five months after getting engaged, and I can honestly say the wedding planning was the perfect distraction ... enjoy every minute, because the planning is as much a part of the wedding day as saying the actual vows! And belated congratulations!

  3. I am so excited for you! As for whether you are a blog or not, check out the Wikipedia definition. It seems to me yours is definitely a blog.

    "a personal journal published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete entries ("posts") typically displayed in reverse chronological order so the most recent post appears first. Blogs are usually the work of a single individual, occasionally of a small group, and often are themed on a single subject."

    Keep feeling well, even if it is a sort of amnesia.


  4. oh the planning... i was so lucky in that i had everyone plan it for me lol of course we just did the small family sort of ceremony with no pomp & circumstance... we had both done that in previous lives ha

    but it is a daunting task to put together a wedding... getting the dates all coordinated with the venues and people seemed to me to be the hardest part.... glad your MS is behaving...

    and i would think you are a blog... yes, you promote others to help us all but it is still your personal journal with links to other sites... hmmm

  5. Exciting for you. Wedding plans can indeed make you forget about MS. We're getting married 2nd of June read
    We haven't planned too much yet but should soon start. It's only a small wedding so not too much to do:) More excitedly, we've just booked the honeymoon. Disneyland here we come:) read
    Can't wait to hear more about your wedding:)

  6. While I can't say I totally 'forgot' about MS, planning my daughter's wedding kept me focused on not overdoing. I'm so overly organized that I kept a binder, all divided into the planning areas - gowns, reception, music, florist, etc. As I moved thorough each area with my daughter, we kept ourselvess on track. Unfortunately, on the day of the wedding in May, it was 95! I slowly fizzled, but didn't melt. Suddenly MS couldn't be put on the back burner anymore!
    Good luck -- it's such a fun time ! And yes, yours IS A BLOG!!

  7. wedding planning can be blissful chaos!! It seems like it was awesome for you, awesome enough to forget you have MS, even for a bit!
    Congratulations again on your upcoming big day!!

  8. Congratulations!!! An incredible time of life!!! I've been married for 28 years and I have an amazing husband!!! I have two children getting married this year! But in all honesty that doesn't make me forget, I'm not able to help like I wish I could because of MS!
    I totally forget when I watch a movie.
    Continue to have a blast!

  9. I'm very excited for you. If you are still search for a photographer, I know a couple. If you need a wedding planner, I just found out that a woman I work with does wedding planning on the side. I hope you enjoy the planning and that it continues to be more prominent in your life than MS!
    Peace and love,