Monday, July 11, 2011

Must Have Coffee

It's hard to believe that I've been home for seven days now, sleeping in my own bed with unlimited access to the internet.  So how come I haven't published tons of wonderful information regarding the whirlwind month which has just ended?

I'm tired!!  That's right, I'm sleepy.  Must have coffee.

Although I've been home (technically), I spent the better part of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday morning attending the 2011 Annual Juvenile Arthritis Conference hosted by the Arthritis Foundation in Arlington, VA.  I met lots of interesting people about whom I will be writing posts for MyRACentral.

If only I didn't sleep yesterday away and could stay awake today.  Must have coffee.

I've also been discovering more new MS bloggers.  It's time to compile another welcome post.  (As soon as I can keep my eyes open long enough)

At least I started answering questions at MS HealthCentral last night.  Found some people who posed their requests as much as 3 weeks ago and hadn't received any responses.  I feel bad about that, but can't take full responsibility.  The community is there to support each other, not wait for answers from a small collection of individuals.


Oh, what was I saying?  Oh ya, I need coffee.  It's just been made and sugared up.  If it works, maybe I'll get some of those articles/posts written.  In the meantime, wave "hi" as you pass by this recovering blogger.

And wave "hi" to this Humpback Whale which waved a brief hello to a boat of tourists in Sitka, Alaska.


  1. If I didn't have my would just not be worth living. Thank goodness I live in the womb of Starbuck Land. YEAH!!!!
    I should stop over at Health Central more. I hang my head. Only takes a few minutes to answer a few questions. We DO need to help each other.

  2. Between your entry and Diane's comment I couldn't help but notice and smile that under the "top five simple actions you can do for your MS" that 'must have coffee' is not listed. Take you time, stress is not your friend.

    Caregivingly Yours, Patrick

  3. You do so much every day! Coffee first! Have a great week!

  4. Wanna hear about my uncontrolled, personal, non-scientific coffee research?

    First, I've been a coff-a-holic since high school (oh my, a long time ago) when my mother and I drank our brew black and strong and from her trusty Farberware superfast perc.

    Since then I've tried: the glass drip, name forgotten, Mr. Coffee look-alikes in all forms, lots of cappuccino machines from $29.99 to almost $1000, a freestanding electric espresso maker, and, lurking in the background the whole time, the ubiquitous French press.

    Finally, I embarked on a blind taste test, always using my favorite fresh ground 8 O'clock Columbian. And the winner...ta da...the French press. I found that when the coffee was steaming hot, it was hard to discern any real differences. So I tasted again when the coffee had cooled a bit. I was shocked that my French press did the best job, in addition to being easiest to use, clean, and fastest. No disposable paper filters (save a tree) and no mess.

    Somewhere I read that coffee from the French press contains fewer chemicals that attack our well-being. Maybe it's because the coffee remains in contact with the water for such a short time.

    Try it for yourself--my latest French press is a little Bodum, $20 at Target.

    Oh, I almost forgot, I drink my coffee black but my husband won't touch the stuff in its native form. He has to have sugar and loves what we call "fluffy milk," the stuff we have been getting out of our various cappuccino machines.

    Enter the little tiny battery- operated whisk. Our latest greatest is the one from Winn Dixie ($7), but we've tried and own several. (I told you we are coff-a-holics). These tiny things have been around forever, but I never believed they could compete with the thousand dollar monster, the one that cost us $250 to repair last year and is now sitting forlornly next to my front door. It doesn't know whether it is headed for the trash heap or the repair place, but it may have to accept the former.

    The little tiny battery operated whisk wins the "fluffy milk" race. Just add about 3 inches to the cup, microwave it for 1 minute more or less, and fluff away.

    And that's the rest of the story. Coffee lovers, you could have some experimenting to do.