Monday, June 20, 2011

LEGOS Rock! Last Minute Travel, and Canes

For the past two days, I have had the pleasure of building LEGOs.  Yesterday was one of my nephew's birthday, in addition to being Father's Day.  Due to some last minute travel arrangements, I was able to spend Father's Day with my own father and I'm staying at my nephew's house.  Well, it's actually my brother and sister-in-law's home but the three nephews greatly enjoy the space.

LEGOs are the big hit in the house and we jumped into the fun with a couple of new sets that my nephew received for his birthday.  Very cool stuff and it turns out that Aunt Lisa probably enjoys following the directions and building the special pieces of equipment, flying machines, castle game boards, etc as much as the boys....maybe even more.  It's especially cool when someone asks Aunt Lisa to make something specific.  We've had lots of fun.

The reason for this last minute trip is not something positive.  My cousins suddenly lost their father on Friday.  It was totally unexpected and quite a shock to everybody.  But the family has rallied around my cousins and many have traveled from afar to pay our last respects and to support the cousins.  I'm glad that I was able to drop everything and come as well.

Since life has been so very busy for me lately, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that my body holds up.  I know that I'm pushing it, but so far so good and I'm still walking, talking, seeing, thinking.  All the important stuff.  When I was leaving Chicago, I did bring the folding cane out of my luggage.  It was welcome support when it came to negotiating the craziness which is the Chicago O'Hare Airport.  In last week's trip to New York City, I didn't need the cane but I had it just in case.

I've brought the cane with me on this trip to Oklahoma.  Last night when I opened my suitcase to remove my pajamas, my oldest nephew saw the cane and asked whose it was.  I said it belonged to me.  He chuckles, "but you're not 80 years old."  That's right, I'm not 80 but sometimes these legs need a little extra help and support.  That was the end of the brief conversation.  We had other things to attend to...more important kid things.

When I finally went to bed after being awake for 20 hours, I slept for over 12 hours while only getting up once during the early morning hours.  Much needed rest indeed.  Some of the numbness on my face even subdued a bit.  Sleep is powerful magic.

Today we've had another day of fun here in the house of three boys.  More games were played and LEGOs built.  Tonight I expect another good night's sleep.  I think that I'm actually getting more sleep than if I were home.

After I return home, I will be turning around and leaving again for vacation.  Once again, the cane will be coming along in my suitcase.  It may stay there during the trip or it might be leaned upon.  That remains to be seen.  In the meantime, getting rest is vitally important, especially since there will likely be more games to play tomorrow. 

Until then, goodnight and listen to your MS body.  Always pack that cane (if you need one) just in case.  I do nowadays.  :)

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