Tuesday, January 25, 2011

"I want to play by my lonely."

That's what my youngest nephew said to me a few days after Christmas.  The house had been full of activity and "J" had kept up with his two older brothers in all of the festivities and rough and tumbles.  I had managed to keep up with each of them (mostly).

"J" gave up his big boy bed so that Aunt Lisa could stay over during the week.  Each morning I had awakened before the boys, except for the last day.

"It's morning time!!" said J as I lingered in bed without an alarm going off.  He was my alarm clock that morning, however I played 'dead' to get a few more winks.

When I finally did get up (at around the late hour of 9am, lol) and went to take a shower, J took back his bedroom to play.  I came back after the shower to gather a few things to take downstairs.

"I want to play by my lonely," says J. 

Wow, a little boy of my own heart.  Of course he has two older brothers and probably cherishes the few moments he might get to play "by his lonely" without interference or competition.

I love my alone time.  I need my alone time.  If I don't get some every week, I'm a cranky mess.  (In other words, watch out!!)

Solitude is a beautiful thing when you know that you will never truly be lonely.  Having the security to allow yourself to enjoy loneliness, when it really is just the opposite, has got to be one of life's little blessings.

So I hope that you are able to enjoy playing "by your lonely" too.


  1. What a sweet and exact phrase. I too need time alone. I have gotten to play "by my lonely" a lot more now that Hubbers is back to work.


  2. Love the phrase too. I NEED it though I enjoy it so much I wonder about myself, but you're right. Knowing that it is lonely by choice makes a huge difference.

  3. What a great phrase! I really do enjoy my "ME" time as well. Keeps me sane. :)

  4. I hadn't been able to get this phrase out of my head. This nephew is only 3.5 years old, but like his older brothers he is wise.

    I have always loved my alone time and can't imagine life without it. I need it to stay sane and enjoy my time with others.

    So glad that I'm not alone in that. ;)

  5. Kids are great! I debated too long: kid vs dog, kid vs dog, and wound up with neither--my bad. I would DIE without my time of lonely. (And I never feel less lonely at those times.)