Monday, September 20, 2010

Updates and an Unedited Brain Dump

Hi folks.  Today there's not going to be any well thought out blog post.  Not even a link to a previously written blog post at HealthCentral.  Today I'm just going to do a brain dump.

This fall is going to be extraordinarily busy.  The events are just about to begin happening almost non-stop.
  • I've been working on writing some outlines/scripts for some videos I will be shooting for HealthCentral on Thursday.  Preparing for 10 videos has taken alot of time and thought.
  • Saturday is the annual fall MS conference which is organized by people from the neurology clinic I attend.  Speakers are flying in from Colorado and elsewhere I believe.  (I'd have to look again to find the details.)
  • Back in April, I off-handedly submitted a proposal to speak at the upcoming ePatient Connections Conference in Philadelphia.  I was approached in July to give a PechaKucha talk at the conference.  This type of talk is structured with only 20 slides which are advanced at 20 second intervals.  It is timed and there's no room for dilly-dallying.  Slides were due at the beginning of September and it took me awhile to get those the way I want them. 
  • The ePatient Connections conference is next week!!  I need to practice my talk to get the timing right.  I also need to attempt to memorize some of my material so as to seem polished.
  • I've been losing weight.  44 pounds so far since January (as of this morning).  My clothes don't fit.  I haven't shopped for nice clothes really in years.  I went shopping on Friday night with my mom.  Although I hate clothes shopping, I was happy to find several items which look great on me.  I'm even having two pairs of pants altered for length and one taken up in the waist.  My mom was even more sweet to treat me to the clothes.  Whoo hoo!!
  • In October, I'm traveling to visit friends in New Jersey.  Then the following week I'm headed to Las Vegas for BlogWorldExpo2010 where I will participate on a patient panel.  Our discussion should be very interesting.  It questions disease awareness, patient advocates, and healthcare companies who approach them for projects or sponsorship.  Should be good and I will finally get to meet some of my blogging companions.
  • In November I will do the Rituxan infusions again.  This time at a different hospital and hopefully with a better experience than last time.  BTW, I did report the development of phlebitis to the nursing team at my previous hospital.  
  • Also in November, I will be going up to New Jersey for another conference.  This time we are speaking as "health activists."  It should be a good experience.  That time, I am planning to take the train up early in the morning, speak at the conference in the afternoon, and come home in one day.  Very exhausting I'm sure.
  • During all of this time, I am also fitting in regular teaching and writing, as well as monthly pulse steroid infusions.  I might skip the one in November since I'll already be getting steroids with the Rituxan infusions.  Something to consider.
  • And then before you know it, it will be Thanksgiving, December, and the Holiday season.  Phew!  I almost might as well be wintertime.  (Not really, lol.)
So anyways those are my thoughts today.  I should probably go eat some lunch before I start teaching in 45 minutes.  Tomorrow, I need to go shopping again and get a new bra.  The new clothes will look even better if I have undergarments which fit.  No more of this saggy stuff.  :)

I'll talk to ya'll later.


  1. Thanks for all you do to help get the word out and keep evolving.

  2. Sounds like you've got a lot of excellent things going on right now! Congratulations!