Friday, February 19, 2010

Exciting Day: Haircut, Videos, Oscar

It has been a crazy week here at chez Lisa. Until Tuesday night, my car was still buried behind tons of snow. Of course I didn't weigh it, but it was lots and lots of snow.

The serious snowplows finally came through Tuesday and completely wrecked the work people had done clearing access to their driveways or places to park on the street. It was a nasty surprise for many who came home from work and had no place to put their cars without lots more digging.

But then the frontloaders and bobcats came through Wednesday night and Thursday morning. Finally our street is safe and drivable; the difference is night and day. Only 11-12 days after the first storm hit but we're part of the world again.

So Thursday, I went out and got a HAIRCUT which was sorely due. And Thursday afternoon I spent several hours taping and editing some videos which will go up at HealthCentral as part of our honor of MS Awareness and Education Month.

I had three kitties who ventured in and out during this time. They love the music studio and with the skylights, it's a better place for me to film. Well, Oscar was creating the effect of an earthquake everything he rubbed up against the tripod. He does weigh 13 pounds ya know.

So we gave him some of the limelight. Meet Oscar, who one year ago was homeless.


  1. Snow plows and blocked driveways this reminds me of why I don't do snow LOL.

    Oscar is a cutie so great that he has such a nice home and great peeps to watch him watch over you.

    You look better than the last video I watched where you were tromping through the snow - yah looked darn cold then.


  2. LOL, cute. Cats are so, "You're not the boss of me!" I love it.

  3. Oh, and I like the cut! I entertained 3 more visitors today, one with MS from nearby city---you and Jen may have to take a number. I am sooo very popular.