Sunday, August 9, 2009

Three Musketeers (sort of)

Musette is Queen of the Manor.

Here she is caught in the act of sitting on the banister at the top of the stairs. Not her Mom's favorite place to find her.

Musette is certainly the musical cat as she often chases me downstairs to the music studio to sit in on lessons. She has even had the audacity to steal me chair when I've sat at the piano to give a demonstration.

Poor girl, though, has had fewer lessons to attend since it is summer time. Do you suppose that I should let her know that after this week there will be NO lessons until after Labor Day?

Mr. Pippin is in the Basket, again.

This is his favorite spot by far - the laundry basket on the landing.

Yes, that is a huge pile of towels hovering behind him and a vase of fake flowers which has fallen over much too many times.

This particular basket has resided in the same location for more moons than I can recall. But it certainly makes for a comfy bed.

In the next photo, it almost looks like Mr. Pippin is trying to warn his sister that Mom is on the way. But, really, he was just in the middle of a yawn.

Pippin is my sweet little man.

And what was our 'little ghost' Oscar doing during the shenanigans?

Why sleeping under the dining table, that's what. It's hard to believe that Oscar has been part of the family for over two months now. And during those two months, he has grown!! He no longer looks like a kitten and has gained about 2 lbs.

[Reminder: the vet estimated that he was 1-2 years old based on the development of his teeth. He was severely underdeveloped and underweight.]

Oscar is our chow-hound. He's the one who keeps track of the food bowl and seems obligated to munch anytime somebody comes through the kitchen. He has also discovered the pleasure of cat treats which happen to be located in my night stand.

We have a routine: I take my meds and Oscar gets his treat. Pippin gets his treat and Musette gets her treat. We're all taken care of before going to sleep.


  1. Lisa - great cats! Thanks for showing us in their favorite spots.

  2. The cats are adorable. Oscar has really grown. BTW I also keep treats in my nightstand for my dogs.