Monday, July 13, 2009

The Cost of Chronic Illness

With the ongoing debate on ways to reform health care, I've been thinking about the routine medical care I receive in a typical year. However, living with multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis, it is not always easy to know if a particular year is going to be "typical" or not. So I examined exactly what health care services I used in one calendar year. Here is what I found:

I saw the rheumatologist three times during the year since I have routine visits scheduled every four months.
Total charge: $433 - insurance adjustment: $202 = $231
Insurance paid: $176
My copayments: $75

I saw the neurologist (or nurse practitioner) five times during the year. In addition to routine visits scheduled every three to four months, I had two extra visits related to a multiple sclerosis relapse.
Total charge: $1,269 - insurance adjustment: $780 = $489
Insurance paid: $354
My copayments: $125

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The Annual Cost of My Chronic Illnesses


  1. Reading that makes me wish I had all the money I spent on my MS since DX, 22 years. I'd have a new car, at least!


  2. This is good info to have. I think my insurance is decent. My neurologist visits cost me $40.00 out of pocket and my MRIs cost $100.00. I did a couple doses of Prednisone but I forgot what those cost. Anyway, this year I elected for medical flex-spending and that paid for all my doctoring, meds and MRIs.

  3. Once u hit Medicare---that hole is blacker than the MS brain holes and puts you in the RED. I'm sunk