Wednesday, October 22, 2008

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October 22, 2008

What is a Blog?

Welcome to my Blog - Brass and Ivory

Why I started blogging?

Health Policy Community
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Patient Community and Support
Carnival of MS Bloggers #6 - A Country of Our Own
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You Are Not Alone!!!!
I Understand

However Dangers Aboud!!

Notes saying - Thank You Lisa!!


Dear Lisa, I just wanted to send you a quick thank for your blog.  I've been reading your blog for a few months now (since my last exacerbation), and after your recent post I felt compelled to write, because I figured out what makes it helpful for me, and I imagine many other people who have MS.

You express in a real and clearly-written way what it sometimes feels like I'm the only one experiencing - and seeing it out there allows me to feel less alone in dealing with this disease.  Your description of the conversation with the nurse at the MS clinic made me laugh because of its familiarity.  Again, thank you for sharing your thoughts and your experiences.


Hi Lisa -- Oh the world is such a small planet!  I have been reading your blog for at least the past couple of months.  It is very easy to see how people get hooked on all of these blogs and start reading more and more...  And then there are people like you and Kim who not only read other's blogs, but respond and also write the most amazing of blogs yourselves.  THANK YOU SO MUCH for what you do.  It is very appreciated by someone like me.


Hi Lisa,  I wanted to thank you for adding my blog to the Carnival of MS Bloggers.  I find the Brass and Ivory so incredibly helpful to me as a newly diagnosed person.  I have a question for you about Copaxone.  I have been taking Copaxone for 3 weeks now and my injection sites are always sore.  Do you find this common?  I guess being so new to MS I feel this is common, but I just wanted to see what someone else has to say about it.

I read your blog today and I am also extremely fatigued as well.  I fell asleep at work about 3 times while typing.  It was great to read that someone else experiences the same thing.  Sometimes I'm not sure what are symptoms and what is just something else.

Thanks again for everything that you do.  It truly means a lot to me to be able to find some information just a click away.  


Lisa, Thank you for commenting on my post about depression.  I've been reading your blog and it is so interesting.  I'm just starting to read more and understand about the issues having a chronic illness can cause.  I was diagnosed with MS 2 years ago, so I've spent a lot of time just trying to understand the disease.  Any tips you have for pulling out of the depression would be much appreciated.

I'm lucky that I have a pretty mild case, but mild or not, it's still rough some times.  So, it's nice to talk to people who live with MS and go on with their lives.


I just wanted to say thanks for that link, it was very helpful.  I'm so glad that there's a place to go & get actual answers from real people who know what I'm talking about, ya know???


Patients Who Know - 
Real Answers  from Real People

That's WHY I Blog!!


Corporations using Social Media Tools

Baby Center
 Johnson's Baby (interactive?)
 Groups (need to participate!!)

Corporate Blogs and Forums
Burt's Bees - Blog
Fresh Step - Vet Corner
Armor All Owner Center - Community Forum

YouTube Channels

Cool Fun Health Games

New Health 2.0 Endeavours
 Health 2.0 Advisors (brand new today) (good information on savvy patient behavior)

Thank you for having me here today!


  1. Your blog and the posts at Health Central keep me informed, up-to-date, and give me hope. Keep it up Lisa! I look forward to reading you every day.

  2. Thanks Abby,

    I showed your comment as an example.

  3. Lisa:

    I was extremely lucky when I found your blog a few months ago. It was at a time when I needed to know that there were other people out there with MS and experiencing the same challenges. And the wealth of information you provide all your readers is very much appreciated.

    If there was an Oscar for blogs you would be the first person I would nominate!

  4. I have grown to admire your blog and respect your work. Your blog amazes me. Keep it up.


  5. Your blog is definitely one of the go-to sites for information. You are a wealth of it!

  6. Baby, you just keep getting better. Feel the glow of helping others; there is nothing better.

  7. You guys make me blush!! Aw, shucks.

    During the presentation I had a live internet connection and used my own blog as a jumping off point from which to give a blogosphere tour.

    It was really kinda fun. However, with the trip followed by an amazingly busy rehearsal schedule for a concert tonight, I still haven't recovered yet from the travel, nor caught up on blogosphere. Maybe tomorrow, sigh.

    Helping others - I do feel the glow and it's awesome.