Monday, January 28, 2008

As the World Passes By...

The Long Call from Wagner's opera Siegfried

part of the massive Ring Cycle

Without going into all the details of the storyline (which by the way is quite a good REALLY, it is), the main character Siegfried at this moment (Act 2, scene 2) plays a silver horn in communication with an enchanted bird in the forest.

[Ok, you can stop laughing now.]

What do I like about this video?

The hustle of the world passing by and the apparent look of the hornplayer being out of place and perhaps feeling awkward. The simplicity as she walks across the lobby of the opera house, pauses, and proceeds to play the 'long call' with such power and oneness with her horn. The world has retreated from view and her presence expands to fill every corner of the hall.

I conjur this image to remind me what it is like when one is completely lost in the moment and allows his soul to fly.

Now being a musician, I know all too well that this is NOT exactly what automatically happens when one is performing. Instead, you become very aware of your intent and actions demanded of such heightened concentration. But in that, maybe you do lose a little bit of your self-consciousness and find a flow existing beyond yourself.

So here's my question to you today:

What activity in your life most causes the world to retreat and allows you to spread your wings and fly, if even for a moment?


  1. I am such a geek....I get completely lost observing insects like ants, and chasing frogs at the boyfriend's house (the frogs are in the pond out back, not in the house).

    Can't wait for spring.


  2. By the way, can't believe I didn't notice before, but I added you to my blogroll.

  3. Studying-understanding-thinking- and then explaining, while taking "I" out of the equation.

    Nice video and post.

  4. Diane, I can completely understand the acting as it is very similar to music performance.

    Shauna, bugs are cool. My nephews would be right there next to ya.

    Dr K, as a somewhat cerebral person myself, I can see how consuming, digesting, and sharing knowledge is a force beyond ourselves. Neat.

    Thanks for sharing folks.

  5. I am most free when I am dancing, but too often that ultimately involves the approval of others, so it's hard to get to that place.
    The most free I feel is when I am with my 6 yr old daughter in the same room and we are both involved in doing our own art. I'm sure that sounds weird, but I get this amazing release when that happens. The one I am most responsible for is next to me and not asking anything of me except my presence, and I can feel the buzz from her creativity.

  6. Writing!
    It takes me away from the real world. It's better than any drug.
    Excellent blog you have here.

  7. Dancing, art, and writing.

    Isn't it interesting to see how much 'creating' something sets us free?