Sunday, November 18, 2007

Measuring Big Milestones and Giving Thanks

I started this blog in mid-August, and so far...

42 posts -- not quite as prolific as Kevin, M.D., but certainly not bad for a layperson.

15 blog reactions (Technorati.)

33 visits and 55 page views on average per day (Sitemeter.)
971 visits and 1814 page views since October 9 (Sitemeter.)

129 clicks back to the site on 38 items since August 16 (Feedburner.)


No.544 -- Honorable Mention on the Healthcare Top Blogs List.

Not bad I'd say for a professional musician without a medical, health policy, or journalistic background. Simply an individual patient with a little experience and some thoughtful opinion. For this I am thankful.

I'm visiting my three young nephews and will be silent during the week.

Have a great Thanksgiving!!

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