Thursday, September 13, 2007

2008 Race to the White House - Is U.S. Health Care a Priority?

The issue of Health Care in America has become one of the hot topics in 2008 presidential campaigns. And early though it is in the race, a number of candidates have proposed their recommended prescription and complementary course of treatment intended to heal our ailing healthcare system.

Unfortunately, our seriously ill patient, being the United States Healthcare System, is unique and sufficient studies showing statistically significant outcomes are lacking. What we do know, without a doubt, is that the current approved treatment is failing our patient and we need to design a new protocol quickly before our patient is beyond rehabilitation.

Several independent organizations are tracking the candidates' positions on healthcare reform and other important issues.
Have fun scouring these resources to find YOUR candidate. - Election News, Analysis, and Events is part of a broad effort by the KAISER FAMILY FOUNDATION to provide a central hub for resources and information about health policy issues in the 2008 election. The site -- operated by Kaiser staff -- provides analysis of policy issues, regular public opinion surveys, daily news updates, video of speeches and debates from the campaign trail, original interviews and resources for journalists covering the election.

2008 Presidential Candidates - Biographies and Positions

This site was established in order to provide voters with information about the primary presidential candidates for 2008.
On The Issues - Every Political Leader on Every Issue

2008 Presidential Election on Yahoo!

BLOG HER - An Open Letter To All Presidential Candidates

AHCJ - Election 2008: Health Care

As the 2008 presidential campaign intensifies, ASSOCIATION OF HEALTH CARE JOURNALISTS will be tracking the candidates' positions on health care issues.
Based on what candidates reveal in debates, speeches and statements, we will update this with information on where they stand on other issues, including stem cell research, abortion and more.
NPR - 2008 Candidates

NATIONAL PUBLIC RADIO - For the first time since 1928, the race for president will not include a sitting president or vice president. Here, a look at the declared - and likely - Democratic and Republican candidates for the White House 2008.
NYT - The Presidential Candidates on Health Care

NEW YORK TIMES - Presidential candidates in both parties are promising to overhaul the nation's health care system and cover more - if not all - of the nation's uninsured. In 2005, 44.8 million people - 15.3 percent of the population - were without health insurance, according to estimates released by the Census Bureau in March. The leading Democrats are competing among themselves over who has the better plan to control costs and approach universal coverage. The Republicans, for the most part, are promising to expand coverage without increasing the role of the federal government, and reduce cost through tax incentives. Most of the candidates have not presented a detailed outline of their health care plans, but here is what they have said so far. - FARHANA HOSSAIN
Working Families Vote 2008 - The Candidates on Health Care

WORKING FAMILIES VOTE 2008 is the online center for union members and all working women and men to get involved in selecting America's next president. This site's goal is to provide a comprehensive voter guide that fosters civic participation among working people and encourages them to register and vote by informing and engaging them on key working family issues and the presidential candidates' records and positions on the issues. The AFL-CIO has not endorsed any candidate, and as a matter of policy, the AFL-CIO will not do so unless and until its affiliated unions reach a sufficient consensus on a particular candidate. Meanwhile, this website provides and links to information about all viable declared and exploratory presidential candidates seeking the nomination of either major political party.
AAFP - 2008 Presidential Candidates' Health Care Positions

The AMERICAN ACADEMY OF FAMILY PHYSICIANS continues to work to put health care and place family medicine issues in front of presidential candidates. The AAFP has launched an initiative to help members become informed about and active in the 2008 Presidential Campaign. Here you will find helpful and timely materials so that you can bring a family medicine perspective to health policy in the campaigns at state and local campaign events.
The Pew Forum - Health Care, Religion and Politics 2008

THE PEW FORUM ON RELIGION & PUBLIC LIFE, launched in 2001, seeks to promote a deeper understanding of issues at the intersection of religion and public affairs. The Forum pursues its mission by delivering timely, impartial information to national opinion leaders, including government officials and journalists. As a nonpartisan, non-advocacy organization, the Forum does not take positions on policy debates.
Divided We Fail - The Candidates 2008

AARP, Business Roundtable and Service Employees Union (SEIU) launched DIVIDED WE FAIL to engage the American people, businesses, non-profit organizations, and elected officials in finding bi-partisan solutions to ensure affordable, quality health care and long-term financial security – for all of us. The need for health and financial security is something we all share, not just for ourselves, but for future generations. It is the promise of America.
2008 Health Care Challenges and Opportunities

U.S. Presidential Candidates' Health Care Plans - A Side-by-Side Comparison by Susan J. Blumenthal, M.D., Jessica B. Rubin, Michelle E. Treseler, Jefferson Lin, and David Mattos
2008 Presidential Candidates - Comments on Women's Health Issues

The following are statements by the 2008 presidential candidates on issues related to reproductive rights and women’s health, compiled by PLANNED PARENTHOOD ACTION FUND. Some statements are excerpts from longer statements.
RH Reality Check - Election 2008

RH [Reproductive Health] REALITY CHECK is an online community and publication serving individuals and organizations committed to advancing sexual and reproductive health and rights. RH Reality Check is guided by the issues and recommendations identified in the Program of Action agreed on at the International Conference on Population and Development at Cairo in 1994. Protection is our watchword—we are contributing to the global effort to empower people with the information, services and leadership they need to safeguard their sexual and reproductive health and rights and to guard against false attacks and misinformation. RH Reality Check exists as a resource for evidence-based information, provocative commentary, and interactive dialogue. We enjoy the support of the UN Foundation and the editorial independence entrusted to us.
SelectSmart - 2008 Presidential Candidates Selector

This selector features over two dozen names of announced candidates and politicians considered by pundits to be possible White House contenders. You may select a position for every issue, or just select those issues important to you. The candidates' positions are based upon their voting records, special interest group ratings and the candidates' statements in the public record. In cases where a would-be president has no known public record or statement on an issue, they are not given a score, which tends to reward candidates who take stands on more issues. Also candidates for president who take consistent and stronger stands tend to get higher scores. All the candidates and/or their staffs were written to and given an opportunity to clarify or correct their views as characterized here.
Or...simply go directly to the candidate's campaign site:

Sen. Joe Biden (DE)
Sen. Hillary Clinton (NY)
Sen. Christopher Dodd (CT)
Former Sen. John Edwards (NC)
Former Sen. Mike Gravel (AK)
Rep. Dennis Kucinich(OH)
Sen. Barack Obama (IL)
Gov. Bill Richardson (NM)

Kent Mesplay
Kat Swift

Daniel Imperato
Steve Kubby
George Phillies
Wayne Allen Root

Sen. Sam Brownback (KS)
Former Gov. Mike Huckabee (AR)
Former Gov. Jim Gilmore (VA)
Former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani (NY)
Rep. Duncan Hunter (CA)
Sen. John McCain (AZ)
Rep. Ron Paul (TX)
Former Gov. Mitt Romney (MA)
Rep. Tom Tancredo (CO)
Former Sen. Fred Thompson (TN)
Former Gov. Tommy Thompson (WI)
Former Secretary of Health and Human Services who ensured passage of Medicare Modernization Act of 2003

John Cox
Ray McKinney
Jim Mitchell
Richard Michael Smith

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